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Historical heritage of more than 500 years, surrounded by great forts and one  time ruled by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , and  Great Peshavas,....Take me there..


Somewhat metropolitan but with all great traditional and cultural values...PUNE is changing,..more about Pune in Upcoming Events & Reviews , Ganesh festival

Ganesh Festival
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Traditionally a city steeped in vernacular language (Marathi) and culture, Pune is fast assuming a cosmopolitan hue. People in the capacity of students, tourists, businessmen and mere settlers from all over India are flocking to this city of forts and statues like bees to their honeycomb.They are getting a lot of honey to consume from this veritable hot spot and hence the transition of Past, Present & Future.aa

XI Admissions 2012

Premier institutes like PUNE University , CDAC, IUCAA , Bhandarkar Institute of Research and many more colleges provides quality education.....


Sports clubs and  Non-Gov. organizations ,association has constantly produced India's one of the best  athletes and hosted many proud events  with world class facilities and equipment.Upcoming Events & Reviews


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